Springfield School’s BBC School Report 2014

Here is Springfield School’s BBC School Report 2014, thanks to all the reporters, teachers and special guests that made it happen.

MP Penny Mordaunt makes a ‘Splash!’ at Springfield School

MP Penny Mordant was interviewed on the 14th March by our Reporters’ Club team, together with pupils from a Year 9 class.

Joe and James were very keen to invite Penny Mordaunt to Springfield School, to ask her about the impact of the recent loss of shipbuilding jobs at Portsmouth Dockyard.  Ms Mordaunt spoke about close involvement with keeping shipbuilding in Portsmouth and her efforts to keep Portsmouth’s shipbuilding interests afloat.

She felt that the appointment of Michael Fallon, MP as Minister for Portsmouth, will help to steer a course for the future of shipbuilding in Portsmouth.

Penny Mordant was once the director of Diabetes UK and was asked how it affected her political career. The answer was that she still attends meeting regarding the charity whilst working as a MP. She is also a Royal Navy reserve and spoke about how she gets to see soldiers carry out their standard orders. She believes that it is amazing how efficient and quick the men are, she isn’t usually called out, but signing up as a reservist is still a great thing to do.

A very exciting project she took part in was a rocket launch. She told the stunned audience how she once helped launch a rocket from a tropical rainforest, she was asked to do this and found it a real privilege. Upon being asked if she would like to climb the political ladder, she admitted that she is very content with her work as a Constituency MP, but would not turn down other opportunities.

There was a lot of discussion on the Hilsea Lido too, as this had been the focus of her ‘Splash’ appearance.  She had thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom Daley and learning a challenging new skill.  She said that Hilsea Lido is important, because it is a pool for the people and gives the community a chance to go swimming with others in a friendly and calming environment.

As well as an MP, Penny Mordaunt is a very active member of her community and is always willing to get involved with new challenges.





Interview with Ms Spivey- School Uniform.

What do you think of the current school uniform?

I think it’s very practical. I think the students wear it very well. I think as you know, we are looking to update it slightly, and make it more modern, but on the whole, it’s very good.

And what do you think of the new school uniform?

The new uniform hasn’t been a 100% decided yet, it’s likely a solid red tie with a logo. And a jumper with the new logo in the same place as the current one. It’s going to be quite similar just with a flash of colour. If we thought it was terrible no way would we be introducing it.

Do you feel we should have blazers?

It’s something I’ve thought about a lot and certainly had lots of discussions but no, I don’t think we should have blazers. I do think jumpers are more practical. Blazers would be quite expensive especially ones that last a year.


What should the appropriate length be for girl’s skirts, in your opinion?

I think you need a skirt with a bit of movement- so I think knee length or longer is about right. And is practical for going up and down stairs. No-one wants to see any further than lower-leg in school!

Do you think skinny trousers are acceptable?

I think it’s important that fashion is not followed too much in school because then when fashion changes, you’ll have to buy new uniform. An  ideal uniform is that everyone looks the same, so this makes it suitable.

Do you like the current black- colour theme, or would you personally prefer a brighter colour?

I did think about changing it, but it came back to it being practical and smart. Also changing the colour would have been more costly to parents.

What do you think should be the maximum amount of make-up?

I think I shouldn’t realize a girl wearing makeup unless i squint really closely.

How does heavy make-up, skinny trousers and short skirts affect our learning?

I think that not all people have the same amount of money, so a school uniform makes everyone equal. You can focus on learning instead of being self-conscious.

If you had to change anything about the current uniform, what would it be?

Nothing, but I have thought about having optional accessories like scarves.

What do you think about hair dye?

I don’t mind people dyeing their hair, but in school it should be a natural colour.







New school logo: leaping forward

Springfield School’s new logo has caused some ripples throughout pupils and staff around the school, being enforced quickly. The new logo will soon be changed from a rampaging lion to a leaping adolescent lioness.

Everybody understands that the school wants to have a smart and sophisticated approach on the general public, hence the new logo. Therefore natural hair colours; discreet make-up and a smarter approach to school are easily acceptable. Using firm uniform rules can help us recognise each other, and help members of the public understand who we are when out and about on school trips or outings. Uniform rules must be strict – to some extent – although most people we have interviewed are not sure about why students must follow these rules.

In ‘The News’ dated Tuesday 25th March, a number of Springfield School pupils were interviewed about their enthusiasm for the new logo, and explained how they thought that it is, “Unique, modern and stands out compared to others.” – Esther Le Comte, The Portsmouth News. The School Council decided on the final design, and all agreed it makes the school stand out and it binds us all together, so people clearly thought it is an effective touch.

On the other hand, it shows that some pupils were questioned about the new logo, but not all were fully aware. “I think that everybody should have had an input on the decision, like a vote or something” – un-named pupil, Springfield Secondary School.  There was, in fact, a re-branding of the school competition in which all pupils were welcome to submit ideas.

One member of staff (Subject 1) stated they had no idea what the new logo looked like, and had zero input on it:
INTERVIEWER: “What do you think of the new school uniform and logo, the ones that will come in soon?”
SUBJECT 1: “Um… I’m not sure what it looks like, actually, I haven’t had much to say about that.”

The second member of staff (Subject 2) we interviewed also had no clue of what the new logo looked like. Some people we spoke to thought that not being asked about the subject was a little unfair:
INTERVIEWER: “What do you think of the new uniform and logo, the ones that will come in soon?” 
SUBJECT 2: “I haven’t seen that yet, we were just told about it. What does it look like?”

In conclusion, any change can be a challenge and takes time to get used to.  The new logo will slowly be phased in to give the school a more modern and unique appearance.


Interview with Mr Casey- School Uniform

What do you think of the current school uniform?

I really like it; I think the students like it, it looks smart and it’s  slimming. Plus parents like that and, apart from the tie and sweatshirt, everything else can be brought quite cheaply.

What do you think of the new school uniform?

I honestly haven’t seen it but I like the new logo and I think a red tie would look nice and smart

Do you think we should have blazers?

I personally don’t I used to have a blazer and I think they were useful but of their time. I don’t think they represent where we are now

What is the appropriate length for a skirt?

One inch above the knee; shorter than that would be unacceptable but too long would be difficult to walk around in

Do you think skinny trousers are acceptable?

One of the teachers said to me “If you can drop a coin down your trousers and it gets to your shoe it’s fine otherwise they are too tight. I don’t like leggings or jeans”

Do you like the current black colour theme or would you prefer a different colour?

I like the black but I also wouldn’t mind dark blue, I like black and white, plus no other colour school wears black and white so it shows our identity

What do you think the maximum amount of makeup should be?

I think we should try to keep things natural and minimize makeup

Can skinny trousers be smart?

I think they can, just as long as they’re not too skinny. Leggings can also look smart but I don’t think students should be wearing anything too tight or revealing so I think we should keep it business-like

How do skinny trousers, short skirts and heavy makeup affect our learning?

I think the uniform sets a tone for the school. short skirts and skinny trousers don’t set the right tone

What would you change about our current school uniform?

I would have proper ties opposed to clip ons. Many jobs need proper ties so we should prepare students for that