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Ofsted 2016

'There is a sense of pride in the quality of learning in the school from staff and from pupils'

Good and Improving

Year 8 Careers Networking Event

A group of Year 8 pupils where pleased to participate in a fast-paced interactive careers networking event at Fareham College on Wednesday 29th March called 'Future Finders'.  The event was held to raise students' aspirations about their future careers.  The pupils met local employers, heard more about local job opportunities and developed employability skills through the hands-on workshops.

"Overall I enjoyed the trip as it was very interesting and informed me much about careers in the area. We were able to move around to different tables, networking with different employers in a variety of careers to discuss what we wanted to do. My favourite discussion was with a civil engineer as I would like to do this for a job, but I also like the idea of going into the Navy too." Freddy Reeves-Cunningham - 8D

"I enjoyed the trip because I learnt more about the routes of becoming an engineer. We also met lots of other interesting people who explained their careers and how they go to be the person they have become today." Archie Jennings - 8S

Mrs Goldsmith, Head of Achievement for Year 8

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MAT Update Letter 28.03.17

Please find below a letter dated 28th March giving an update on the formation of a Multi-Academy Trust (The De Curci Trust).

Many thanks

Year 7 Boys' Cricket Team at The Ageas Bowl

Well done to the Year 7 boys' indoor cricket team for making it to the Hampshire Cup finals, played at the Ageas Bowl. The boys played well with some excellent bowling and fielding. 

Great teamwork!

Mr Peachment, Teacher of P.E.

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Pictured above: Owen Dawson, 7E, Tom Hutson, 7E, Oli Davies, 7D, Noah Grainger, 7N, Nadheson Vasanthan, 7S, Ryan George, 7L, Oli Burgess, 7R and Fin Rawlinson, 7EDSC 0506 MobileDSC 0507 Mobile

Year 10 Career Themed Focus Day

On Tuesday, 21st March 2017. Year 10 pupils took part in a challenging focus day. The day was split into different sessions which specialised in different topics. Springfield teaching staff ran sessions on drugs, risk taking, mental health and career profiling. CRAGRATS also lead sessions on presentation skills and personal branding.  Pupils also took part in mock interviews. Local business volunteers from IBM, Manpower, SSE and Highbury College kindly gave up their day to hold the mock interviews. Each pupil was interviewed for 20 minutes and also received a 10 minute feedback from their assigned business volunteer. This was a great chance for pupils to experience first hand what it is like to be interviewed, to think about the way they present themselves, communicate, and most importantly learn how they can improve their interview techniques.  A huge thank you to all the companies who took part in the day and well done to the Year 10 pupils who should be proud of themselves for embracing this experience so enthusiastically. 

Mr Lomas, Head of Enterprise and PDL


School VLE

The VLE area of the school's website was externally 'hacked' yesterday evening; a 'redirect' was introduced which automatically diverted users to a different and inappropriate website. The IT team disabled this as soon as it was known and are investigating the cause.  The school has reported this to the relevant authorities as it is criminal activity.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused to website users while this incident is being investigated and resolved.

Year 11 GCSE Timetable

To all Year 11 pupils, parents and carers

Please find below the GCSE timetable which details all of the GCSE exam times and dates. 

Many thanksSummer 2017 Timetable

Summer 2017 Timetables


'Soundsational' Success

Congratulations to the Springfield performers at this week's 'Soundsational' concert at the Guildhall. Our singers and Year 10 rock musicians thoroughly enjoyed this performance opportunity and the audience certainly thought they all sounded 'soundsational'! 

Mrs Latif, Head of Music

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Year 11 Boys' Football Team Achievement

Well done to the Year 11 boys' football team who beat Hounsdown 4-2 to reach the final of the Hampshire cup! Three goals from Stuart Mcconnachie, 11N, and one from Tom Dinsmore, 11D, secured the win, with some excellent defending from the back four. An all round exceptional performance, well done boys! 

Mr Peachment, Teacher of PE

Y11 boys fb team Mobile

From left to right, Billy Anderson, 11L,  Dan Keniston, 11R, Kai Morgan, 11P, Luke Redman, 11S, Stuart McConnachie, 11N, Tom Dinsmore, 11D, Ryan Lea, 11N, Paddy Wall, 11P, Charlie Harris, 11E, Tom Wingham, 11G, Charlie Woollaston, 11E Toby Lawrence, 11L, Harry Swatton, 11N, and Brad Sturgess, 11G

Year 11 Revision Timetable 2017

To all Year 11 pupils and parents/carers

The Revision Timetable is now available below, on the VLE and a hard copy will be available in tutor bases later on today. 

Many thanks

Mr Wharton, Deputy Headteacher

Coaching Workshops

Please find below a list of the coaching workshops we are providing this Easter holiday.  Letters will be sent home before the end of term to the pupils who are required to attend specific workshops although any Year 11 pupil may attend any Year 11 workshop.

Many thanks

Mrs Hutchinson, Assistant Headteacher

Year 11 Coaching Workshops Easter 2017

Charity Foodbank Donation

Well done to Springfield Student Council Charity Committee member Sophia Bruni in 11D who organised a collection of food items to be brought in by Springfield pupils which were then donated to the Trussell Trust Portsmouth Food Bank (Kings Road Church).  Mr Williams, Head of Year 10 who oversees the Student Council meetings took the donation down to the Trussell Trust Foodbank at Kings Road Church today (Tuesday 14th March).  They were very grateful to receive the items. Thank you to all the pupils who kindly donated to this charity.

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